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Go Green This Winter

12 Jul 2016 Surfers Paradise 0 Comment


Here are some ideas that will help your household be more planet friendly this Winter. You will not only be saving the planet- you will also save money with these great tips!

Maintaining your water tank

A rainwater tank is a great water saving measure.

Water tanks must be properly maintained to prevent them becoming a potential health hazard.

Follow these steps to keep your tank safe:

  1. Fit each tank opening with screens or flap valves to stop mosquitos passing through.
  2. Regularly check and clean the first flush device.
  3. Remove any leaf and plant material from the roof and gutters.
  4. Check for accumulated sediment in the tank. If found, the tank should be completely emptied and professionally cleaned.
  5. Drain and remove any unused tanks as they can become breeding grounds for insects, rats and mice.


 Be water wise in the garden

Winter is the best time of year to get your garden back into shape.

 Maintaining a thriving garden doesn’t have to involve excessive water use.

There are several ways you can reduce household water consumption while maintaining a garden that’s the envy of your neighbours.

Here are our top tips for saving water in your garden.


Source: cityofgoldcoast.com.au

Image source: gardeners-perth.com.au

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