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The Gold Coast Light Rail

9 Aug 2016 Surfers Paradise 0 Comment


Public transport is incredibly important to buyers and can therefore hugely impact on the housing market. The Gold Coast Light Rail has been a huge project on the Coast since 2014, and with stage 2 set to commence soon, it has been widely popular. The effects of having this easy to access, and easy to use public transport option are supposed to have incredible impacts on Surfers Paradise and the surrounding areas in regards to the housing market.

In regions overlooking the route, the values of the areas have increased quite dramatically, as more people want to live where they can have easy access to the rail stations. In Southport, the average home value has increased by $92,000 since 2013. The same is predicted for areas along the stage 2 development line.

Stage 2 will connect Parkwood to Helensvale, and will also connect to the heavy rail network, meaning that the journey from Gold Coast to Brisbane should be a breeze for travellers.

What this means for buyers is that they should be looking along the route of the Stage 2 light rail as these areas have great potential for growth between now and the implementation of stage 2. In fact, demand has already grown in areas such as Arundel. This is great news whether you are looking to buy or sell along the Coast. Get in contact with the Professionals Newlands Surfers Paradise today as we are happy to help with any questions or queries you might have.

Fore more information about the Light Rail click here.


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