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The Pros of Apartment Living

30 Aug 2016 Surfers Paradise 0 Comment


For many, it is a lifelong dream to eventually purchase a house with a nice big yard, but property prices and population density are making this dream less of a reality for many. On the Coast, apartment buildings are multiplying and appear to be the answer for many who want in on the property market in this area but can’t afford to splash out millions on a beach side home.

If you’re still not convinced that living in an apartment is for you, consider these pros of living the high life:


Cleaning a big home is naturally a big job. Many weekends end up wasted spending hours upon hours vacuuming, mopping, scrubbing and polishing. Cleaning an apartment takes a fraction of the time, meaning there is more time to spend doing activities you actually enjoy.


A lot of Australians do not know their neighbours beyond a nod or a wave when seeing each other in the street. When sharing a building with others, the possibility of getting to know those living around you is enhanced, giving you more opportunities to make friends.


The bigger apartment developments can have some pretty enviable perks these days, including swimming pools, gyms, rooftop hangouts and communal gardens. Nipping down to the shops when you run out of milk is made easier when there’s a supermarket situated on the ground floor, and lots of apartments come with secure car spaces and lovely things like balconies as well.

Less Gardening

Sure, having your own yard can be lovely, but here’s something that won’t come as a surprise: gardens are a lot of work. Weeding can take up so much time, and there’s plenty more where that came from- mowing, trimming, watering, etc. These chores are eliminated in an apartment. You can still grow some herbs to add a little greenery and help with cooking, and if you have a green thumb and still want to get those hands in the soil, then that’s what community gardens are for.


People tend to hold on to a lot more stuff that they don’t need if they have the space to do so. Apartment living eliminates the opportunity of being a hoarder. Accumulating less stuff that you don’t need can also equate to a smaller carbon footprint. Some new developments are even being designed with sustainability in mind.


This is a big one. As the average house price continues to increase, younger buyers are being pushed out of the market and a traditional home just isn’t a realistic option for many people. Apartments tend to be more affordable than houses, especially for first homebuyers. A smaller floor plan can also equal reduced gas and electric bills, thanks to the reduced amount of space to heat and cool.

Being located in the heart of the city, The Professionals Newlands Real Estate – Surfers Paradise always have amazing apartments up for grabs! If you are interested in converting to the apartment life, give us a call today on (07) 5592 1464.


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