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Architect Bayden Goddard Designed This Stunning Home At a Friend’s Barbecue

16 May 2017 Surfers Paradise 0 Comment


IT IS no surprise that this four-level mega mansion was designed by none other than Gold Coast architect Bayden Goddard.

Goddard, renowned for creating some of the most luxurious properties on the Gold Coast, did not shy away when it came to 11 Southern Cross Drive.

Homeowners Brendan and Natasha Rutherford said it all started at a friend’s barbecue with the Goddard family.

“We were having lunch and at this point Bayden was just a good friend,” Mr Rutherford said.

“Natasha and I knew him socially because our children went to school with his children. We were telling him about our future plan for our house and then he got out a piece of wax-proof paper, like baking paper, and started drawing down the home I had imagined.”

“We never intended him to design our house for us because we don’t like the idea of mixing business and friends but he said he would just sketch an idea down and see how it went.

“It turned out to be exactly what we wanted and the builder he recommended, Gavin Boyle, had a daughter who was best friends with our daughter.

“It’s a small world.”

Mr Rutherford said he and Natasha bought the block on Cronin Island in 2000 with a property on it.

“We lived in that home for years before we decided to knock it down and build something we really liked,” he said.

“Natasha and I have four kids so we needed the basics — four bedrooms and a main bedroom — but we also needed a gym, a lap pool and a big basement for our family.

“All of our kids are national champions in cross country.”

Mr Rutherford said while the gym was essential, he wanted to add a touch of luxury to the zone.

“Bayden designed the space with water views so it is probably one of the best home gyms,” he said.

“The island itself has been great for the kids because they do a lot of running and there is quite a big park space in the centre of the island, which they use.

“They do laps around Southern Cross Drive and it is a really safe area.”

The mansion comes with six bedrooms, six bathrooms and a basement and garage big enough for seven cars.

Exuding an earthy, industrial style, the home features timber throughout.

“We changed a few things after it was built, like the exposed concrete ceilings, which we filled in with timber,” Mr Rutherford said.

“We trusted Bayden on his design, he said it would look good and it really does.

“It is by far the biggest house we have ever lived in and we have had some cherished memories here.”

The home is quintessential Gold Coast luxury living with chandeliers, a sleek gas fireplace and an open-plan dining room which overlooks the water with an impressive 19m water frontage.


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